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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023Substitution of petrochemical compounds for polyphenols of natural origin reinforced with cellulose nanofibrils to formulate adhesives for wood bondingZidanes, Uasmim Lira; Lorenço, Mário Sérgio; Araujo, Elesandra da Silva; Dias, Matheus Cordazzo; Rodrigues, Laura Luiza Amaral; Dores, Bruno Arley Barros; Setter, Carine; Guimarães Júnior, José Benedito; Tonoli, Gustavo Henrique Denzin; Mori, Fábio Akira
Oct-2023Surface modification of cellulosic nanofibrils by spray drying: drying yield and microstructural, thermal and chemical characterizationSetter, Carine; Mascarenhas, Adriano Reis Prazeres; Dias, Matheus Cordazzo; Meira, Ana Cristina Freitas de Oliveira; Carvalho, Nayara Tamires da Silva; Lorenço, Mário Sérgio; Martins, Maria Alice; Tonoli, Gustavo Henrique Denzin; Oliveira, Tiago José Pires de
May-2021The bark of Stryphnodendron rotundifolium as a source of phenolic extracts with antioxidant propertiesSousa, Thaís Brito; Mota, Graciene da Silva; Araujo, Elesandra da Silva; Carréra, Jéfyne Campos; Silva, Eliandra Pereira; Souza, Sebastião Gabriel; Lorenço, Mário Sérgio; Ferreira, Vanuzia Rodrigues Fernandes; Mori, Fábio Akira
May-2022Use of neural network and multivariate statistics in the assessment of pellets produced from the exploitation of agro-industrial residuesResende, Dieimes Ribeiro; Araujo, Elesandra da Silva; Lorenço, Mário Sérgio; Zidanes, Uasmim Lira; Mori, Fábio Akira; Trugilho, Paulo Fernando; Bianchi, Maria Lúcia
Oct-2021Valorization of polyphenols from Stryphnodendron adstringens bark for use as a sustainable inhibitor of nitrogen volatilization in soilLorenço, Mário Sérgio; Zidanes, Uasmim Lira; Araujo, Elesandra da Silva; Resende, Ana Angélica; Dias, Matheus Cordazzo; Mori, Fábio Akira