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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-2011Black and Gray-Box Identification of a Hydraulic Pumping SystemBarbosa, Bruno H. G.; Aguirre, Luis A.; Martinez, Carlos B.; Braga, Antônio P.
Jun-2016Classification of lung sounds using higher-order statistics: a divide-and-conquer approachNaves, Raphael; Barbosa, Bruno H. G.; Ferreira, Danton D.
Aug-2017Development of soft sensors for permanent downhole Gauges in deepwater oil wellsAguirre, Luis A.; Teixeira, Bruno O. S.; Barbosa, Bruno H. G.; Teixeira, Alex F.; Campos, Mario C. M. M.; Mendes, Eduardo M. A. M.
Oct-2016Fault detection and classification in cantilever beams through vibration signal analysis and higher-order statisticsBarbosa, Tássio S.; Ferreira, Danton D.; Pereira, Daniel A.; Magalhães, Ricardo R.; Barbosa, Bruno H. G.
2018Implementação de sistema para detecção e classificação automática de Sags em sistemas trifásicosRibeiro, Eduardo G.; Nagata, Erick A.; Barbosa, Bruno H. G.; Ferreira, Danton D.
5-Mar-2017Lowcost automated control for steel heat treatmentsZambaldi, Edimilson; Magalhães, Ricardo R.; Barbosa, Bruno H. G.; Silva, Sandro P. da; Ferreira, Danton D.
Nov-2016A non-intrusive approach to classify electrical appliances based on higher-order statistics and genetic algorithm: a smart grid perspectiveGuedes, Juan D. S.; Ferreira, Danton D.; Barbosa, Bruno H. G.
Oct-2014Non-invasive method to analyse the risk of developing diabetic footSilva, Rebeca N.; Ferreira, Ana C. B. H.; Ferreira, Danton D.; Barbosa, Bruno H. G.
Jun-2019Piecewise affine identification of a hydraulic pumping system using evolutionary computationBarbosa, Bruno H. G.; Aguirre, Luis A.; Braga, Antonio P.
Nov-2010Prediction and simulation errors in parameter estimation for nonlinear systemsAguirre, Luis A.; Barbosa, Bruno H. G.; Braga, Antônio P.
Nov-2018Real-time system for automatic detection and classification of single and multiple power quality disturbancesRibeiro, Eduardo G.; Mendes, Thais M.; Dias, Guilherme L.; Faria, Euler R. S.; Viana, Felipe M.; Barbosa, Bruno H. G.; Ferreira, Danton D.
Nov-2020Real-time voltage sag detection and classification for power quality diagnosticsNagata, Erick Akio; Ferreira, Danton Diego; Bollen, Math H. J.; Barbosa, Bruno H. G.; Ribeiro, Eduardo G.; Duque, Carlos Augusto; Ribeiro, Paulo Fernando
Dec-2019Soft sensors design in a petrochemical process using an evolutionary algorithmMorais, Gustavo A. P. de; Barbosa, Bruno H. G.; Ferreira, Danton D.; Paiva, Leonardo S.
Sep-2011The use of coevolution and the artificial immune system for ensemble learningBarbosa, Bruno H. G.; Bui, Lam T.; Abbass, Hussein A.; Aguirre, Luis A.; Braga, Antônio P.