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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2018Antioxidant system differential regulation is involved in coffee ripening time at different altitudesSantos, Meline Oliveira; Silveira, Helbert Rezende de Oliveira; Souza, Kamila Rezende Dázio de; Lima, André Almeida; Vilas Boas, Lissa Vasconcellos; Barbosa, Bárbara Castanheira Ferrara; Barreto, Horllys Gomes; Alves, José Donizeti; Chalfun-Junior, Antonio
2021Differential gene expression in common bean during interaction with race 65 of Colletotrichum lindemuthianumSilva, Caroline Marcela da; Costa, Larissa Carvalho; Porto, Antonio Carlos Mota; Lima, André Almeida; Chalfun-Junior, Antonio; Souza, Elaine Aparecida de; Pereira, Welison Andrade
2014Effects of EMFs on some biological parameters in coffee plants (Coffea arabica L.) obtained by in vitro propagationAlemán, Elizabeth Isaac; Mbogholi, Andrew; Boix, Yilan Fung; González-Olmedo, Justo; Chalfun-Junior, Antonio
Sep-2012Efficiency of RNA extraction protocols in different types of coffee plant tissuesPaula, Márcia Fabiana Barbosa de; Ságio, Solange Aparecida; Lazzari, Fabiane; Barreto, Horllys Gomes; Paiva, Luciano Vilela; Chalfun-Junior, Antonio
2020Elevated temperatures impose transcriptional constraints and elicit intraspecific differences between coffee genotypesOliveira, Raphael Ricon de; Ribeiro, Thales Henrique Cherubino; Cardon, Carlos Henrique; Fedenia, Lauren; Maia, Vinicius Andrade; Barbosa, Barbara Castanheira Ferrara; Caldeira, Cecílio Frois; Klein, Patricia E.; Chalfun-Junior, Antonio
2020Epigenetic marks associated to the study of nucleolar dominance in Urochloa P. BeauvSantos, Yasmim Dutra; Pereira, Welison Andrade; Paula, Cristina Maria Pinto de; Rume, Gabriel de Campos; Lima, André Almeida; Chalfun-Junior, Antonio; Souza Sobrinho, Fausto; Techio, Vânia Helena
2019Expression of candidate genes related to white mold resistance in common beansPorto, Antonio C. M.; Cardon, Carlos H.; Vasconcellos, Renato C. C.; Novaes, Evandro; Leite, Monik E.; Chalfun-Junior, Antonio; Pereira, Welison A.; Santos, João B.
18-May-2017A genome-wide analysis of the RNA-guided silencing pathway in coffee reveals insights into its regulatory mechanismsFernandes-Brum, Christiane Noronha; Rezende, Pâmela Marinho; Ribeiro, Thales Henrique Cherubino; Oliveira, Raphael Ricon de; Cardoso, Thaís Cunha de Sousa; Amaral, Laurence Rodrigues do; Gomes, Matheus de Souza; Chalfun-Junior, Antonio
May-2014Identification and expression analysis of ethylene biosynthesis and signaling genes provides insights into the early and late coffee cultivars ripening pathwaySágio, Solange A.; Barreto, Horllys G.; Lima, André A.; Moreira, Rafael O.; Rezende, Pamela M.; Paiva, Luciano V.; Chalfun-Junior, Antonio
Jan-2015Identification and quantification of differentially expressed genes associated with citrus blight (Citrus spp.)Abreu, José Renato de; Paiva, Luciano Vilela; Rodríguez, Miguel Angel Dita; Silva, Anderson Tadeu; Henriques, Ariadne Ribeiro; Chalfun-Junior, Antonio
Sep-2010In silico and quantitative analyses of mads-box genes in Coffea arabicaOliveira, Raphael Ricon de; Chalfun-Junior, Antonio; Paiva, Luciano Vilela; Andrade, Alan Carvalho
Feb-2012In silico and quantitative analyses of the putative FLC-like homologue in coffee (Coffea arabica L.)Barreto, Horllys Gomes; Lazzari, Fabiane; Ságio, Solange Aparecida; Chalfun-Junior, Antonio; Paiva, Luciano Vilela; Benedito, Vagner Augusto
18-Jul-2018Insights into the positive effect of Pyraclostrobin on sugarcane productivityLopes, Amanda Moreira; Schumacher, Pedro Vitor; Pérez Martínez, Aurora Terylene; Costa Netto, Antônio Paulino da; Chalfun-Junior, Antonio
Nov-2013Physiological and molecular analyses of early and late Coffea arabica cultivars at different stages of fruit ripeningSágio, Solange Aparecida; Lima, André Almeida; Barreto, Horllys Gomes; Carvalho, Carlos Henrique Siqueira de; Paiva, Luciano Vilela; Chalfun-Junior, Antonio
Nov-2017Subspecies and diet affect the expression of genes involved in lipid metabolism and chemical composition of muscle in beef cattleTeixeira, Priscilla D.; Oliveira, Dalton M.; Chizzotti, Mario L.; Chalfun-Junior, Antonio; Coelho, Tamara C.; Gionbelli, Mateus P.; Paiva, Luciano V.; Carvalho, José Roberto R.; Ladeira, Marcio M.
Sep-2018Understanding the genetic regulation of anthocyanin biosynthesis in plants: tools for breeding purple varieties of fruits and vegetablesChaves-Silva, Samuel; Santos, Adolfo Luís dos; Chalfun-Junior, Antonio; Zhao, Jian; Peres, Lázaro E. P.; Benedito, Vagner Augusto
Mar-2017Validation of reference genes for qPCR analysis of Coffea arabica L. somatic embryogenesis-related tissuesFreitas, Natália Chagas; Barreto, Horllys Gomes; Fernandes-Brum, Christiane Noronha; Moreira, Rafael Oliveira; Chalfun-Junior, Antonio; Paiva, Luciano Vilela
Feb-2017Zinc supply impacts on the relative expression of a metallothionein-like gene in Coffea arabica plantsBarbosa, Bárbara Castanheira Ferrara; Silva, Samuel Chaves; de Oliveira, Raphael Ricon; Chalfun-Junior, Antonio