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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Analysis of Coxiela burnetti dihydrofolate reductase via in silico docking with inhibitors and molecular dynamics simulationSouza, Felipe Rodrigues de; Guimarães, Ana Paula; Cuya, Teobaldo; Freitas, Matheus Puggina de; Gonçalves, Arlan da Silva; Forgione, Pat; França, Tanos Celmar Costa
5-Nov-2015Applications in environmental bioinorganic: nutritional and ultrastructural evaluation and calculus of thermodynamic and structural properties of metal-oxalate complexes.Tolentino, Terezinha Alves; Bertoli, Alexandre Carvalho; Pires, Maírados Santos; Carvalho, Ruy; Labory, Claudia Regina Gontijo; Nunes, Janaira Santana; Freitas, Matheus Puggina de
Jun-2020Bioconformational modulation of a thymidine kinase enzyme ligand through F⋯HO intramolecular hydrogen bondMartins, Francisco A.; Freitas, Matheus Puggina de
Jun-2011Computational analysis and physico-chemical characterization of an inclusion compound between praziquantel and methyl-β-cyclodextrin for use as an alternative in the treatment of schistosomiasisRodrigues, Stella Gomes; Chaves, Izabel de Souza; Melo, Nathalie Ferreira Silva de; Jesus, Marcelo Bispo de; Fraceto, Leonardo Fernandes; Fernandes, Sérgio Antônio; Paula, Eneida de; Freitas, Matheus Puggina de; Pinto, Luciana de Matos Alves
Dec-2013Employing conformational analysis in the molecular modeling of agrochemicals: insights on QSAR parameters of 2,4-DFreitas, Matheus Puggina de; Ramalho, Teodorico de Castro
2017Environmental perception and activities in environmental education based on socio-ecological resilienceFreitas, Mirlaine Rotoly de; Matias, Stella V. B. G.; Macedo, Renato L. G.; Venturin, Nelson; Freitas, Matheus Puggina de
2016Environmental perception as a tool to predict pro-environmental actionsFreitas, Mirlaine Rotoly de; Macedo, Renato Luiz Grisi; Freitas, Matheus Puggina de
Feb-2020Evaluation of the Alicyclic Gauche Effect in 2‐Fluorocyclohexanone Analogs: a Combined NMR and DFT StudySilva, Daniela Rodrigues; Zeoly, Lucas André; Cormanich, Rodrigo Antonio; Guerra, Célia Fonseca; Freitas, Matheus Puggina de
Jan-2021Influence of complex stability on iron accumulation and redistribution for foliar- applied iron-organic acid complexes in maizeJusti, Marina; Silva, Carlos Alberto; Silla, Josué Mariani; Freitas, Matheus Puggina de; Morais, Everton Geraldo de
May-2022Is conformation relevant for QSAR purposes? 2D Chemical representation in a 3D-QSAR perspectiveDaré, Joyce Karoline; Freitas, Matheus Puggina de
2010MIA-QSAR modeling of activities of a series of AZT analogues: bi- and multilinear PLS regressionGoodarzi, Mohammad; Freitas, Matheus Puggina de
5-Aug-2021Molecular structure features and fast identification of chemical properties of metal carboxylate complexes by FTIR and partial least square regressionJusti, Marina; Freitas, Matheus Puggina de; Silla, Josué Mariani; Nunes, Cleiton Antônio; Silva, Carlos Alberto
May-2022Quantitative structure-activity relationship modeling of the inhibitory activities of sulfonylurea herbicides and proposition of new derivativesRodrigues, Natânia E.; Freitas, Matheus Puggina de
Jun-2015Structural elucidation of a new sesquiterpene alcohol by comparative NMR StudiesGuimarães, Luiz Gustavo de Lima; Cardoso, Maria das Graças; Lucas, Esther Maria Ferreira; Freitas, Matheus Puggina de; Francisco, Welington; Nelson, David Lee