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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Object-based change detection in the cerrado biome using landsat time seriesBueno, Inácio T.; Acerbi Júnior, Fausto W.; Silveira, Eduarda M. O.; Mello, José M.; Carvalho, Luís M. T.; Gomide, Lucas R.; Withey, Kieran; Scolforo, José Roberto Soares
Aug-2019Pre-stratified modelling plus residuals kriging reduces the uncertainty of aboveground biomass estimation and spatial distribution in heterogeneous savannas and forest environmentsSilveira, Eduarda M. O.; Espírito Santo, Fernando D.; Wulder, Michael A.; Acerbi Júnior, Fausto W.; Carvalho, Mônica C.; Mello, Carlos R.; Mello, José M.; Shimabukuro, Yosio E.; Terra, Marcela Castro Nunes Santos; Carvalho, Luis Marcelo T.; Scolforo, José R. S.
Apr-2018Soil organic carbon as a key predictor of N in forest soils of BrazilCalazans, Silas O. L.; Morais, Vinicius A.; Scolforo, José R.S.; Zinn, Yuri L.; Mello, José M.; Mancini, Luana T.; Silva, Carlos A.
2023The ecohydrological function of the tropical forest rainfall interception: observation and modelingMello, Carlos R.; Rodrigues, André F.; Terra, Marcela C. N. S.; Mantovani, Vanessa A.; Junqueira Junior, José A.; Mello, José M.
May-2022Throughfall spatial variability in a neotropical forest: Have we correctly accounted for time stability?Rodrigues, André F.; Terra, Marcela C. N. S.; Mantovani, Vanessa A.; Cordeiro, Natielle G.; Ribeiro, João P. C.; Guo, Li; Nehren, Udo; Mello, José M.; Mello, Carlos R.
2018Using spatial features to reduce the impact of seasonality for detecting tropical forest changes from landsat time seriesSilveira, Eduarda M. O.; Bueno, Inácio T.; Acerbi-Junior, Fausto W.; Mello, José M.; Scolforo, José Roberto S.; Wulder, Michael A.