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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2017Image quality treatment to improve iris biometric systemsAlmeida Junior, Franciscone Luiz de; França, Rodrigo Nani; Rodriguez, Demostenes Zegarra
2013Intelligent learning techniques applied to quality level in voice over IP communicationsRodriguez, Demostenes Zegarra; Rosa, Renata Lopes; Bressan, Graça
Jun-2014Melhora de uma métrica de qualidade de vídeo utilizando o parâmetro correspondente ao tipo de conteúdo de vídeoRodriguez, Demostenes Zegarra; Rosa, Renata Lopes; Bressan, Graça
Aug-2015Music recommendation system based on user’s sentiments extracted from social networksRosa, Renata Lopes; Rodriguez, Demostenes Zegarra; Bressan, Graca
Aug-2012Quality metric to assess video streaming service over tcp considering temporal location of pausesRodriguez, Demostenes Zegarra; Abrahao, Julia; Begazo, Dante Coaquira; Rosa, Renata Lopes; Bressan, Graça
2014The impact of video-quality-level switching on user quality of experience in dynamic adaptive streaming over HTTPRodriguez, Demostenes Zegarra; Wang, Zhou; Rosa, Renata Lopes; Bressan, Graça
Aug-2014Video quality assessment in video streaming services considering user preference for video contentRodriguez, Demostenes Zegarra; Rosa, Renata Lopes; Costa, Eduardo A.; Abrahão, Julia; Bressan, Graça
Jan-2012Video quality assessments on digital TV and video streaming services using objective metricsRodriguez, Demostenes Zegarra; Bressan, Graça