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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Aug-2017CARBON STOCK DYNAMICS OF TREE STEMS IN A TROPICAL SEMIDECIDUOUS FORESTFigueiredo, Lívia Thais Moreira de; Soares, Carlos Pedro Boechat; Sousa, Agostinho Lopes de; Leite, Hélio Garcia; Silva, Gilson Fernandes da
1-Aug-2017EVALUATION OF LONGITUDINAL GROWTH STRAIN IN A CLONAL HYBRID OF Eucalyptus urophylla x Eucalyptus grandisGonçalves, Fabricio Gomes; Oliveira, José Tarcísio da Silva; Silva, Gilson Fernandes da; Sartório, Robert Cardoso
1-Aug-2017EVALUATION OF TAPER FUNCTIONS AIMING Eucalyptus sp STEM OPTIMIZATION FOR MULTI-PRODUCTSMendonça, Adriano Ribeiro de; Silva, Gilson Fernandes da; Oliveira, José Tarcísio da Silva; Nogueira, Gilciano Saraiva; Assis, Adriana Leandra de
1-Aug-2017INF LUENCE OF SECTION LENGTHS ON VOLUME DETERMINATION IN EUCALYPTUS TREESSoares, Carlos Pedro Boechat; Silva, Gilson Fernandes da; Martins, Fabrina Bolzan
1-Aug-2017INFLUENCE OF DIFFERENT SOURCES OF ERRORS ON THE MEASUREMENTS OF HEIGHTS OF TREESSilva, Gilson Fernandes da; Oliveira, Onair Mendes de; Souza, Carlos Alberto Martinelli de; Soares, Carlos Pedro Boechat; Lemos, Ronielly
1-Aug-2017MODELING OF ASSORTMENT YIELDS IN EUCALYPTUS STANDSMendonça, Adriano Ribeiro de; Calegario, Natalino; Silva, Gilson Fernandes da; Souza, Agostinho Lopes de; Trugilho, Paulo Fernando; Carvalho, Samuel Pádua Chaves e; Possato, Ernani Lopes
1-Aug-2017PHYTOSOCIOLOGICAL ANALYSIS OF PACOTUBA NATIONAL FOREST, CACHOEIRO DE ITAPEMIRIM, ES – BRASILAbreu, Karla Maria Pedra de; Silva, Gilson Fernandes da; Silva, Aderbal Gomes da