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Autor: Cordeiro, Sidney Araujo
Silva, Márcio Lopes da
Jacovine, Laércio Antônio Gonçalves
Valverde, Sebastião Renato
Rocha, José Ludgero
Soares, Naisy Silva
Palavras-chave: Forest foment, forest extension, Minas Gerais
Publicador: CERNE
Data: 20-Mai-2015
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Descrição: This study analyzed the performance of forest promotion for the various regional of the State Forestry Institute of Minas Gerais (IEF/MG), during the 1989-2006 period and identified the benefits and the aspects to be improved in the Institute. The work was carried out based on data from the 13 regionals and 49 central offices of the IEF/MG. A total of 12 performance indicators, defined in meetings with technicians of the institute, were used. Data were evaluated through a tabular analysis, in graphics of arithmetic means, and a statistical model estimated by the Ordinary Minimum Square Method (MQO) used. The regional offices Mata and Rio Doce had the best results. Together they were responsible for 33% of the performance. The estimation of total incomes generated by the charcoal sales from the reforestation promotion by the IEF in 2006 was of US$ 314,067,218.69 and the estimated number of employments created by the reforestation in 2006 was of 8,046. It can also be concluded that it is necessary to increase the number of technicians involved with the forest fomentation activity.
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