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Título : Food for elderly people considerations of ethnographic contributions
Autor: Almeida, Ivana Carneiro
Sette, Ricardo de Souza
Rezende, Daniel Carvalho de
Palavras-chave: Consumer behavior
Third age
Consumption habits
Data da publicação: 2012
Referência: ALMEIDA, I. C.; SETTE, R. de S.; REZENDE, D. C. de. Food for elderly people: considerations of ethnographic contributions. African Journal of Business Management, Nairobi, v. 6, n. 24, p. 7106-7113, June 2012.
Resumo : This study aims to investigate how elderly consumers narrate their experience of food consumption. Through a qualitative methodology of "ethnographic inspiration", the study sought to understand how a group of elderly people construct meanings of consumption within their particular worldview. The content analysis of the interviews provided a set of findings relevant to a better understanding of the role played by food in many everyday situations experienced by elderly consumers who contribute to the construction of meaning in the experience of food consumption. The transformations that occur in our society are reflected in all aspects of an individual's life, including his relationship with the universe of consumption. Thus, based on insights drawn from the empirical data analysis, several categories emerged from the study and served to explain the phenomenon: nostalgia, connection with friends, family, entertainment, solitude, religion, habitus and regional identity. Food is part of the life of consumers surveyed in the most anticipated and common everyday situations with a form of entertainment, information source, health, family and friendship, routine and sadness. Given the importance of food as an expression of personal identity, food takes on a symbolic value in the life of the elderly. It is hoped that the results of this research may contribute to both importance and fill the gaps existing in the knowledge of the literature regarding food consumption, and experiences with regard to the characteristics of old age.
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