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Title: Meios de cultura para germinação de grãos de pólen de milho
Other Titles: Culture media for germination of pollen grains of maize
Keywords: Genetic breeding
Melhoramento genético
Zea mays
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: Universidade Federal da Grande Dourados
Citation: ALVIM, P. de O. et al. Meios de cultura para germinação de grãos de pólen de milho. Revista Agrarian, Dourados, v. 5, n. 17, p. 206-211, 2012.
Abstract: The objective of this work was to select the best culture medium and incubation temperature for germination of pollen grain and determine the collection time and drying methodology of them. The trials were performed in the Central Laboratory of Seeds and in the experimental area of the UFLA Agriculture Department. Six culture media and two temperatures for incubating pollen grains (25 e 30oC) colleted at different times of day (9, 14 and 16 hours) were tested. Also the tolerance of the pollen grain to dissection using two salts (sodium and lithium chlorite) was evaluated. To evaluate germination, the pollen grains were placed onto Petri dishes with culture medium at the adequate temperature for two hours. For the test of the dye utilized to evaluate viability, the pollen grains were submitted to slides with Alexander dyer. The evaluation was done with the aid of a light microsocope. Increased values of pollen germination grains are found in culture medium containing 10% of sucrose, 0.03% of boric acid and 0.15% of sodium chlorite at 25ºC and when the collection is done at 9 hours. Corn pollen grains lose their viability as they are dissected.
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