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Title: Alterações anatômicas de bananeiras micropropagadas em resposta a aclimatização ex vitro
Other Titles: Anatomic modifications of micropropagated banana plants in response to ex vitro acclimatization
Keywords: Musa spp.
Cultura de tecidos
Alterações estruturais
Rustificação ex vitro
Tissue culture
Structural alterations
Ex vitro hardening
Issue Date: 2009
Publisher: Universidade Federal de Santa Maria
Citation: COSTA, F. H. da S. et al. Alterações anatômicas de bananeiras micropropagadas em resposta a aclimatização ex vitro. Ciência Rural, Santa Maria, v.39, n.2, p386-392, mar./abr. 2009.
Abstract: Researches about structural and physiological modifications in different stages of the micropropagation are fundamental to understand the effects of this technology to improve protocols and to reduce losses in the acclimatization. The objective of this study was to assess and to quantify the variations in the foliar anatomy of micropropagated banana plants during the ex vitro acclimatization in greenhouse. Thus, axillary buds from in vitro multiplication of Japira cultivar, were rooted in MS medium, added of NAA (1mg L-1) and agar (6g L-1), and kept at room temperature (25o C ±2o C) under 16 hours photoperiod and irradiation of 35μmol m-2 s-1, for 35 days. Subsequently, the plants were submitted to different acclimatization periods (zero, 21, 42, 63, 84 e 120 days) being the leaf anatomy of the plants evaluated by transversal and paradermal sections. A completely randomized design was used. The largest anatomical alterations it were verified after 42 days of the transplantation to ex vitro conditions, with pronounced thickness of chlorophyllian parenchyma and leaf blade, as well, as the differentiation of the majority of foliar tissues. The stomata were distributed on both sides of the leaves, with higher number on the undersurface and on leaves formed from in vitro foliar primordia.
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