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Title: Exsudatos radiculares de plantas de cobertura no desenvolvimento de Sclerotinia sclerotiorum
Other Titles: Exudates of cover crops in the development of Sclerotinia sclerotiorum
Keywords: Exsudato radicular
Sclerotinia sclerotiorum - Desenvolvimento
Escleródios - Germinação micelial
Sclerotinia sclerotiorum - Development
Sclerodes - Mycelial germination
Issue Date: Jan-2012
Publisher: Universidade Federal de Uberlândia
Citation: MONTEIRO, F. P. et al. Exsudatos radiculares de plantas de cobertura no desenvolvimento de Sclerotinia sclerotiorum. Bioscience Journal, Uberlândia, v. 28, n. 1, p. 87-93, Jan./Feb. 2012.
Abstract: The objective was to explore the influence of root exudates of some cover plants known as Crotalaria juncea, Urochloa ruziziensis, Panicum maximum cv. mombaça, Pennisetum glaucum, Cajanus cajan e Stylosantes sp. For the release of exudates roots plants were grown for 24 days, were subjected to centrifugation. Retrieved these exudates were sterilized by filtering processes using a membrane with pore size of 0.22 micrometers. The filtrates were stored in tubes and stored at -20°C. The effect of the exudates were studied in relation to mycelial growth, mycelial and carpogenic germination of sclerotia and germination of ascospores of S. sclerotiorum. The concentrations used were 1%, 10% and 25% obtained by dilution in sterile water. The results showed mycelial growth rate was lower when using the exudate of U. ruziziensis concentrations of 1% and 10%. The exudates did not affect mycelial germination of sclerotia. Concerning the ascospores of Cajanus cajan and Stylosanthes spp. root exudates inhibited germination when it was added streptomycin.
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