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Título : Chemical composition of unripe banana peels and pulps flours and its effects on blood glucose of rats
Autor: Angelis-Pereira, Michel Cardoso de
Barcelos, Maria de Fátima Piccolo
Pereira, Rafaela Corrêa
Pereira, Juciane de Abreu Ribeiro
Sousa, Raimundo Vicente de
Palavras-chave: Glycemic index
Blood glucose
Chemical composition
Unripe banana
Publicador: Emerald Publishing Limited
Data da publicação: 2016
Referência: ANGELIS-PEREIRA, M. C. de et al. Chemical composition of unripe banana peels and pulps flours and its effects on blood glucose of rats. Nutrition & Food Science, [S.l.], v. 46, n. 4, 2016.
Abstract: Purpose Flours obtained from pulps and peels of unripe banana were evaluated regarding their chemical composition and glycemic responses in rats. Moreover, this study aims to propose a new assay to measure glycemic responses using animals. Design/methodology/approach Proximal composition, total dietary fiber and its insoluble and soluble fractions, mineral content and tannins were evaluated. Glycemic responses were measured using albino Wistar rats (seven animals/group). Findings Flours from pulp and peel of unripe banana presented high content of carbohydrates and minerals. Moreover, flour from peel was rich in insoluble fiber, whereas flour from pulp had adequate proportion of insoluble and soluble fractions. Consumption of banana flours from peel and pulp did not affect fasting blood glucose of normoglycemic rats. Flour from pulp, when consumed in concentrations of 10 and 15 per cent of the diet, significantly stimulated lower glycemic responses in the animals. Originality/value Results presented in this study disclose unripe banana flour as an interesting food source, which may be indicated for preventing some types of diseases, such as diabetes, obesity and dyslipidemia. Moreover, the glycemic index assay using animals promoted accurate answers, as the diets were standardized, unlike studies with humans, which do not control variations related to omission and distortion of information regarding food intake.
Idioma: en_US
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