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Title: O exercício da parentalidade quando o filho é portador de necessidades especiais
Other Titles: The exercise of parenting when the child has special needs
Keywords: Exercício da autoridade parental
Filho portador de necessidades especiais
The exercise of parental authority
Child with special needs
Issue Date: 2016
Citation: BERLINI, L.; SZANIAWSKI, E. O exercício da parentalidade quando o filho é portador de necessidades especiais. Revista Quaestio Iuris, Rio de Janeiro, v. 9, n. 1, 2016.
Abstract: The exercise of parental authority requires a new interpretation of the civil law, specifically when the offspring have special needs. This is because the combination of the peculiar status of special needs conjugated to the fact of being children and adolescents and therefore, incapable, highlights the vulnerable situation faced. Thus, the protection of children and adolescents begins with the analysis of the exercise of parental authority, whereas parents are, as a rule, the legal representatives of their minor children, such that is from these relationships that you can observe the respect of the rights and guarantees of children and adolescents, especially when they have special needs, tracing the new guidelines established by the Brazilian Law of Inclusion of People with Disabilities (Statute of People with Disabilities).
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