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Title: Imagem, sala de aula e leitura: diálogos e descobertas possíveis
Keywords: Círculo de Bakhtin
Discurso não-verbal
Bakhtin's circle
Nonverbal discourse
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Universidade Federal do Espírito Santo
Citation: FERREIRA, H. M.; VILLARTA-NEDER, M. A. Imagem, sala de aula e leitura: diálogos e descobertas possíveis. Percursos Linguísticos, Vitória, v. 8, n. 19, 2018.
Abstract: The challenges of working with languages in the classroom address a double face: on the one hand, knowledge about languages, their signic nature and their conditions of production, circulation and reception. On the other hand, a reflection on the conceptions that underlie the theories used, as much on the languages, as on the aspects involved in the teachinglearning process. Placing a work in an interactional perspective, in which there are subjects who are constantly (re) build in the interaction, implies a compatible line of work. The aim of this article is to discuss the notions and possibilities of a dialogue of the work with the reading in the classroom with the analysis of nonverbal texts of moving images (films), from the perspective of the reflections on philosophy of the language of Bakhtin´s Circle. For that, we used the film Pagador de Promessas, directed by Anselmo Duarte and based on the theater play of Dias Gomes. We intend, from the Bakhtinian notion of dialogue and concepts of theories about cinema and image, to bring some relevant aspects to the analysis, according to this interactional perspective.
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