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Title: Vozes da mídia, vozes na mídia: uma análise a partir do conceito de polifonia de Mikhail Bakhtin
Other Titles: Voices from the media, voices in the media: an analysis based on Mikhail Bakhtin’s concept of polyphony
Keywords: Discurso
Issue Date: Jul-2018
Publisher: Centro Universitário de Patos de Minas (UNIPAM)
Citation: DIAS, F. L. de C.; VILLARTA-NEDER, M. A. Vozes da mídia, vozes na mídia: uma análise a partir do conceito de polifonia de Mikhail Bakhtin. Revista Crátilo, Patos de Minas, v. 11, n. 1, p. 116-128, jul. 2018.
Abstract: This paper, main result of a basic scientific research project, has as its main scope the discussion arisen from the analysis of a corpuscomposed of digital and written content from magazines and newspapers, in order to verify how the social places and ideological positions of the Brazilian media are constituted from the voices they represent, whether their or from others. To do so, we base our research on the Mikhail Bakhtin’s theoretical-epistemological framework [1895-1975], Russian philosopher, and Bakhtin's Circle, attributing centrality to the concept of polyphony. Therefore, we are directed to the understanding of how the relationship between the voices and the social places represented by the analyzed media -andfrom the spaces in which they are constituted-make axiological attributions and construct meaning to a given discursive object, to itself and to the other. We assume that the relevance of our research lies in its analytical and speculative analysis of verbal journalistic productions whose circulation takes place in a virtual environment, which potentiates its diffusion and dispersion. Furthermore, this work intends to develop ways of verifying the enunciative-ideological positions in which the various journalistic-mediatic means are constituted in a dialogical (conflictual)and interactive relation.
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