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Title: A importância da especificidade da linguagem literária para uma educação crítica
Keywords: Linguagem literária
Linguagem estética
Literatura e educação
Literary language
Aesthetic language
Literature and education
Issue Date: 2018
Citation: NEPOMUCENO, S. V. R.; OLIVEIRA, G. A. F. de; PORTOLOMEOS, A. A importância da especificidade da linguagem literária para uma educação crítica. In: SIMPÓSIO DE PESQUISA EM EDUCAÇÃO, 2., 2018, Lavras. Anais... Lavras: UFLA, 2018. Não paginado.
Abstract: In education, literature acts in the development of the student's imagination and creativity, making them a capable subject to question what is pre-established by society. Thus, the present work has the objective of showing, from the short story "Instructions on How to Cry", by Julio Cortázar, that literary language is able to broaden the reader's world view. Part of this assumption, therefore, the importance of literary reading in the classroom. From the analysis made by Shklovsky, in his text "Art as Technique", stands out the vision of literature as the art that allows different sensorial experiences, through an aesthetic procedure called singularization. Subsequently, in "The Nature of Literature", Wellek also brings to the surface the idea that literary art differs from other types of art, since it provides diverse perceptions, using strangeness and plurissignification. In both analyzes, literature manifests itself as a mechanism capable of transforming everyday understandings. Thus, through its approach in the school context, the process of deautomating these understandings, which limit the exploration of the senses, is worked, since this deautomation drives the subject's ascension. It is worth emphasizing that the choice of a literaty work for a literature class should be done with caution, otherwise will be worked as literary texts those who do not have the possibility of emancipation the subject. Therefore, it is necessary that the teacher knows the specificities of a literary work, that differs from other fictional texts promoted by a market logic.
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