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Title: Exposição “O valor da terra”: diálogos entre a educação em solos e museologia numa perspectiva crítica
Other Titles: “The value of the land” exhibition: dialogues between soil education and museology from a critical perspective
Authors: Silva, Bruno Montoani
Festozo, Marina Battistetti
Rangel, Márcio Ferreira
Ribon, Adriana Aparecida
Oliveira, Geraldo César
Santos, Walbert Júnior Reis dos
Keywords: Solo
Pedagogias críticas
Critical pedagogies
Issue Date: 24-Oct-2019
Publisher: Universidade Federal de Lavras
Citation: TOMA, M. A. Exposição “O valor da terra”: diálogos entre a educação em solos e museologia numa perspectiva crítica. 2019. 148 p. Tese (Doutorado em Ciência do Solo)–Universidade Federal de Lavras, Lavras, 2019.
Abstract: This work aimed to identify, understand and analyze the scientific production of Soil Education and Public Perception of Soil in Brazil and to propose a way of approaching the soil theme, from the perspective of critical pedagogies and museology, at the Natural History Museum. from the Federal University of Lavras. For this, in the first article, a systematic literature review on Soil Education and Public Soil Perception in Brazil was performed, using quantitative and qualitative analyzes, to identify the potentials, challenges and limitations of these scientific researches. Subsequently, in the second article, an experience report was made, describing the trajectory of the Soil Education Program (PEDS), in its process of approximation with education theories and museology for the elaboration and evaluation of the exhibition “the value of the land ”. This narrative was conducted through a descriptive qualitative research and the exposure assessment was done through questionnaires and discussion group, both were transcribed, categorized and analyzed. In the first article of this thesis, 107 articles on Soil Education and Public Soil Perception were analyzed. These works were published between 1998 and 2019, developed by several institutions, mainly public universities. This research has helped to understand how traditional and school communities perceive the soil and what are the perspectives of approaching the theme in formal and non-formal education. Most of the works propose methods or didactic resources for soil teaching, but there are also researches that investigate the subject in the basic education literature, in the teachers formation and in the official documents that guide the Education in Brazil. Despite their contributions to the teaching of soils, in many works their theoretical references and their discussion are not identified, which may signal a reduction of education to the mere diffusion of knowledge to society and education in soils only to university extension. From the experience of PEDS, it was observed that the approximation of Soil Education with Education theories enables the understanding of the various ways to develop the educational process. In the case of Environmental Education, which is based on critical theories, the understanding of the society-nature relationship is presented in an interdisciplinary, historical and dialectical way. The soil theme approach at the Natural History Museum of the Federal University of Lavras was built from astronomy to social problems, from scientific, artistic, social and environmental discourses. Through the evaluation of the exhibition, it was observed that the narrative and expographic resources provided a critical and reflexive approach to the soil theme with regard to the society-nature relationship.
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