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Title: Educação para/do olhar: a dupla representação da ilustração nos livros de imagens de Marcelo Xavier
Other Titles: Education for/of the vision: the double representation of illustration on Marcelo Xavier’s wordless picturebooks
Authors: Goulart, Ilsa do Carmo Vieira
Ferreira, Helena Maria
Belmiro, Célia Abicalil
Keywords: Arte ilustrativa
Livro de imagem
Literatura infantil
Illustrative art
Wordless picturebook
Children’s literature
Issue Date: 29-Nov-2019
Publisher: Universidade Federal de Lavras
Citation: NAVES, L. M. Educação para/do olhar: a dupla representação da ilustração nos livros de imagens de Marcelo Xavier. 2019. 135 p. Dissertação (Mestrado Profissional em Educação)–Universidade Federal de Lavras, Lavras, 2019.
Abstract: Assuming that illustrative art is a visual text, which narrates and promotes interactions,this dissertation intends to reflect on the potentiality of illustration and how it presents itself in children's wordless picturebooks. For the research, two award-winning books created by the writer and illustrator from Minas Gerais Marcelo Xavier were chosen: O dia a dia de Dadá(Dadá'sdaily routine) and eConstruindo um sonho (Building a dream), both composed of scenarios and characters produced by hand with modeling clay and materialized in sequential printed pages constituting a narrative from photographic images.The research aims to understand how the illustrative image can be recognized as a visual text in the construction of a narrative in wordless picturebooks for children. From a qualitative approach, we chose the methodology of bibliographic analysisthrough an interpretative analysis, verifying how the technical image, used as an editorial resource, is thought about the materiality of the print, as well as find out what typographic characteristics are configured in two wordless picturebooks by Marcelo Xavier.To support the theoretical reflection, relies on Lajolo and Zilberman's studies on children's literature, on Manguel, Benjamin, Ramos, Santaella and Flusser on arts, photography, books’ illustration, prints and image materiality, and visual literacy. Thus, a double representation of illustrative art was identified in Xavier's works, characterized by “illustrative art with sculptures” and the “illustrative art with photographs”. The research reflected on the reading possibilities of wordless picturebooks with three-dimensional art and photographic images highlighting it as an enhancer of the practice of the education for/of the vision.Therefore, as a result of this research of the Professional Master's Program, two final products are presented: a workshop and a proposition for an elective class or a continuing education course focused on teacher’straining that mainly covers visual literacy and literary art topics.
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