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Título : Selection of Trichoderma stromaticum isolates for efficient biological control of witches’ broom disease in cacao
Autor: Loguercio, Leandro Lopes
Carvalho, Aítala Carvalho de
Niella, Givaldo Rocha
Souza, Jorge Teodoro de
Pomella, Alan W. Villela
Palavras-chave: Moniliophthora
Theobroma cacao
Antagonistic interaction
Hemibiotrophic pathogen
Publicador: Elsevier
Data da publicação: Out-2009
Referência: LOGUERCIO, L. L. et al. Selection of Trichoderma stromaticum isolates for efficient biological control of witches’ broom disease in cacao. Biological Control, [S.l.], v. 51, n. 1, p. 130-139, Oct. 2009.
Abstract: Witches’ broom is the most devastating disease of cacao in Brazil, and losses to it entail serious socio-economical and environmental problems. Biological control of the causal agent Moniliophthora perniciosa (Mp) using the antagonistic fungus Trichoderma stromaticum (Ts) is promising, although the identification of superior isolates is necessary. Here, we report a study on the selection of more effective Ts isolates based on field experiments. Sixty-three Ts isolates from a local collection were applied on brooms and placed under typical conditions of shaded-cacao plantations in southeastern Bahia State (Brazil), during two periods of three months each. The percentages of Ts sporulation and incidence and severity of Mp were the parameters used for biocontrol assessments. The results from both experiments were very distinct, indicating a high phenotypic variation in this collection and suggesting a significant effect of the environment in the Ts–Mp interaction. Ts-sporulation rates were negatively correlated with the presence of Mp in the brooms and a number of isolates reduced Mp incidence more efficiently than the reference isolate. Contrasting isolates in their efficiency of reducing Mp incidence were selected and further tested in four subsequent field trials for validation purposes. The results partially confirmed their biocontrol phenotypes but also suggested isolate-specific responses to environmental variations. Inhibition of Mp-basidiospore germination by total protein secreted in culture supernatants of Ts isolates correlated well with field results and revealed a potentially useful procedure for pre-screening of large collections towards selection of better biological control isolates. The characteristics and efficiency of the method as a reliable protocol for identification of superior BCAs in the witches’ broom-cacao pathosystem is discussed.
Idioma: en_US
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