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Title: Linguagem no Discurso de Roma: programa de leitura da psicanálise
Other Titles: Language in the Rome Discourse: program to read psychoanalysis
Keywords: Epistemologia da Psicanálise
Psicanálise lacaniana
Issue Date: 2004
Citation: SALES, L. S. Linguagem no Discurso de Roma: programa de leitura da psicanálise. Psicologia: Teoria e Pesquisa, Brasília, v. 20, n. 1, jan./abr. 2004.
Abstract: The most characteristic lacanian program of reading psychoanalysis – the one which claims a return to Freud – is paradigmatically announced in 1953 in the Rome Discourse. In this capital conference, psychoanalysis is submitted to a "translation" based on very specific instruments, mainly those which come from Kojève's and Heidegger's philosophies and from Lévi-Strauss's anthropology. With an internal analysis of this text, we will try to follow some components of this program – specially those related to the opposition empty speech/full speech, the intersubjectivity and the symbolic order – with the purpose of promoting an approaching to its meaning.
ISSN: 0102-3772
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