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Title: O erê e o devir-criança negro: outros possíveis em tempos necropolíticos
Other Titles: The erê and the becoming-black child: others feasible on necropolitics times
El erê y el devenir-niño negro: otros posibles en tiempos necropolíticos
Keywords: Criança negra
Black child
Issue Date: May-2021
Publisher: Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro
Citation: CARVALHO, A. F. de; SOUZA, E. de L. O erê e o devir-criança negro: outros possíveis em tempos necropolíticos. Childhood & Philosophy, Rio de Janeiro, v. 17, p. 01-28, maio 2021. DOI:
Abstract: The purpose of this article is to investigate how the notion of a child’s becoming-black is mediated by her experience of the erê—an intermediate psycho-spiritual archetype in Brazilian Candomblé—which in turn raises other existential questions relelvant for children in necropolitical times characterized by “normosis” (Butler, 2019) and loss of historical and cultural memory. The central hypothesis is that black children are signs of powerful social singularities, with the capacity to change the logic of the deadly coefficients that traverse the territory of contemporary necropolitics. At the same time, it maintains that without confronting the colonial burden (Rufino, 2017; 2018) it is impossible to mitigate the power and presence of necropolitics. To achieve that, the text updates the reader on the condition of contemporary necropolitics against the historical backdrop of the colonization process. Then, from research with black children in the Nagô Candomblé Ilê Axé Omo Oxe Ibalatam, located in São Paulo, the focus turns to the resources available in Candomble practice—most especially the mediation of the erê by the axé (vital energy)—that provides for resistance against the deadly energies that characterize these normopathic, necropolitical times. The powerful influence of the erê lies in the resistance to any and all foreshadowing of roles and static representation of life and agency, and in embracing their becoming-African (cf. “Africamite”), as well as working to create the conditions that make it possible to live beyond necropolitical times in the intimation of a new age.
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