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Título: Leitura em contextos escolares: uma reflexão sobre a ação mediadora e situações de letramento literário
Palavras-chave: Letramento literário
Mediação da leitura
Formação de leitores
Literary literacy
Reading mediation
Readers training
Data do documento: 2022
Editor: Associação de Leitura do Brasil (ALB)
Citação: ASSIS, M. B. de; GOULART, I. do C. V. Leitura em contextos escolares: uma reflexão sobre a ação mediadora e situações de letramento literário. Linha Mestra, [S.l.], n. 48, p. 15-27, set./dez. 2022.
Resumo: We live in a society where literacy is an essential prerogative in our daily lives. This article brings as centrality the theoretical discussions about the theme of reader formation and literary literacy for the constitution of people, who, in addition to literate, become capable of an analytical reading, with understanding and criticality. To this end, we seek to approach some theoretical discussions about reading and literary literacy, focusing on the professor as a mediator of this formative process, contributing to communication and culture, instigating the production of meanings, critical sense and taste for reading, as well as public policies to encourage reading practices.The discussions to the need to reflect on the mediating action of the teacher in the educational process of children in creating and favoring reading, in order to enable the relationship between reader and texts. With this, the mediating action of teachers in the commitment to teach to read and to produce literary literacy events is necessary for the consolidation of reading in the school context.
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