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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-2009Influência da queima e aditivos químicos e bacterianos na composição química de silagens de cana-de-açúcarSiqueira, G.R.; Reis, R. A.; Schocken-Iturrino, R. P.; Bernardes, T. F.; Pires, A. J. V.; Roth, M. T. P.; Amaral, R. C.
Jun-2017Lining bunker walls with oxygen barrier film reduces nutrient losses in corn silagesLima, L. M.; Santos, J. P. dos; Casagrande, D. R.; Ávila, C. L. S.; Lara, M. S.; Bernardes, T. F.
Jun-2018Optimal defoliation management of brachiaria grass–forage peanut for balanced pasture establishmentTamele, O. H.; Sá, O. A. A. Lopes de; Bernardes, T. F.; Lara, M. A. S.; Casagrande, D. R.
May-2018Silage review: unique challenges of silages made in hot and cold regionsBernardes, T. F.; Daniel, J. L. P.; Adesogan, A. T.; McAllister, T. A.; Drouin, P.; Nussio, L. G.; Huhtanen, P.; Tremblay, G. F.; Bélanger, G.; Cai, Y.
Mar-2014Study on the practices of silage production and utilization on Brazilian dairy farmsBernardes, T. F.; Rêgo, A. C. do
2019Technical note: A comparison of methods to determine pH in silagesBernardes, T. F.; Gervásio, J. R. S.; Morais, G. de; Casagrande, D. R.
Mar-2012Top spoilage losses in maize silage sealed with plastic films with different permeabilities to oxygenBernardes, T. F.; Nussio, L. G.; Amaral, R. C. do
Sep-2018Total mixed ration silage containing elephant grass for small‐scale dairy farmsGusmão, J. O.; Danés, M. A. C.; Casagrande, D. R.; Bernardes, T. F.