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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Apr-2020Assessment of vulnerability of oxisols to compaction in the cerrado region of BrazilAjayi, A. E.; Dias Junior, M. S.; Curi, N.; Okunola, A.; Teixeira Souza, T. T.; Silva Pires, B. B.
2016Beneficial use of industrial by-products for phytoremediation of an arsenic-rich soil from a gold mining areaLopes, G.; Ferreira, P. A. A.; Pereira, F. G.; Curi, N.; Rangel, W. M.; Guilherme, L. R. G.
Oct-2012Competitive sorption of arsenate and phosphate on aluminum mining by-productCosta, E. T. S.; Guilherme, L. R. G.; Lopes, G.; Lima, J. M.; Curi, N.
2013Compressive response of some agricultural soils influenced by the mineralogy and moistureAjayi, A. E.; Dias Junior, M. S.; Curi, N.; Oladipo, I.
23-Aug-2018Conditions affecting oxide quantification in unknown tropical soils via handheld X-ray fluorescence spectrometerSantana, M. L. T.; Ribeiro, B. T.; Silva, S. H. G.; Poggere, G. C.; Guilherme, L. R. G.; Curi, N.
Jan-2015Gypsum effects on the spatial distribution of coffee roots and the pores system in oxidic Brazilian LatosolCarducci, C. E.; Oliveira, G. C.; Curi, N.; Heck, R. J.; Rossoni, D. F.; Carvalho, T. S. de; Costa, A. L.
2014Hydrophysical properties of humic latosols from BrazilAjayi, A. E.; Dias Junior, M. S.; Curi, N.; Pais, Paula Sant Anna Moreira; Iori, Piero
Nov-2013Increasing arsenic sorption on red mud by phosphogypsum additionLopes, G.; Guilherme, L. R. G.; Costa, E. T. S.; Curi, N.; Penha, H. G. V.
2020Linking phosphorus sorption and magnetic susceptibility in clays and tropical soilsPoggere, G. C.; Barrón, V.; Inda, A. V.; Barbosa, J. Z.; Brito, A. D. B.; Curi, N.
Mar-2019Selenium and mercury in Brazilian Cerrado soils and their relationships with physical and chemical soil characteristicsCarvalho, G. S.; Oliveira, J. R.; Curi, N.; Schulze, D. G.; Marques, J. J.
2011Soil colour as a simple indicator of load bearing capacity in brazilian latosolsAjayi, A. E.; Dias Junior, M. S.; Curi, N.; Olufayo, A. A.
15-Feb-2017Time-stability of soil water content (SWC) in an Atlantic Forest - Latosol siteJunqueira Junior, J. A.; Mello, C. R.; Owens, P. R.; Mello, J. M.; Curi, N.; Alves, G. J.