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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-2014Alternative prey and abundance covariance switches an intraguild predator’s functional responseFaria, Lucas Del Bianco; Tuller, Juliana; Maia, Laís Ferreira; Reigada, Carolina; Godoy, Wesley Augusto Conde
Mar-2012An introduction to dynamical systems applied to exploited populationsGhansah, Baaba Abassawah; Almeida, Paulo José A. L. de; Palmeira, Carlos Frederico; Faria, Lucas Del Bianco
1-Jun-2018Can Semaeomyia sp. (Hymenoptera: Evaniidae) function as a parasitoid of the Spider Teudis sp. (Araneae: Anyphaenidae)?Morales-Silva, Tiago; Pedroso, Beatriz Mariana; Carvalho, Leonardo Sousa; Faria, Lucas Del Bianco
Jun-2017Causal relationships between population stability and food-web topologyMonteiro, Angelo B.; Faria, Lucas Del Bianco
Jun-2016Coexistence of multiple attractors in the coupling of an exploitative and an omnivorous food webCosta, Michel Iskin da S.; Esteves, Pedro V.; Faria, Lucas Del Bianco; Anjos, Lucas dos
Mar-2012Efeitos de preferência alimentar e aumento de produtividade na dinâmica de redes tróficasFaria, Lucas Del Bianco; Costa, Michel Iskin da Silveira
Oct-2014Estratégias pedagógicas da disciplina de biologia de populações: práticas como componente curricular na formação inicial de professores de ciências/biologiaSilva, Taís; Faria, Lucas Del Bianco; Nascimento Júnior, Antônio Fernandes
Sep-2018Evaluating the efficiency of different sampling methods to survey social wasps (Vespidae, Polistinae) in an anthropized environment in Southeast BrazilJacques, Gabriel Castro; Pires, Epifânio; Hermes, Marcel Gustavo; Faria, Lucas Del Bianco; Souza, Marcos Magalhães; Silveira, Luis Claudio Paterno
May-2011Induced oscillations generated by protective threshold policies in the management of exploited populationsCosta, Michel Iskin da Silveira; Faria, Lucas Del Bianco
2010Integrated pest management: theoretical insights from a threshold policyCosta, Michel Iskin da Silveira; Faria, Lucas Del Bianco
6-Jun-2018Matching consumer feeding behaviours and resource traits: a fourth-corner problem in food-web theoryMonteiro, Angelo Barbosa; Faria, Lucas Del Bianco
Sep-2011A model for intraguild predation dynamics between immature stagesFaria, Lucas Del Bianco; Costa, Michel Iskin da S.; Godoy, Wesley A. Conde
Apr-2018Morphometry, allometry, and fluctuating asymmetry of egg parasitoid Trichogramma pretiosum under insecticide influenceSouza, Diego; Monteiro, Angelo B.; Faria, Lucas Del Bianco
Aug-2018Multitrophic web of insects associated with Piptadenia gonoacantha (Mart.) Macbr. (Fabaceae) and their relationship with resource traitsMorales-Silva, Tiago; Monteiro, Angelo; Faria, Lucas Del Bianco
Mar-2010Omnivorous food web, prey preference and allochthonous nutrient inputFaria, Lucas Del Bianco; Costa, Michel Iskin da Silveira
Mar-2017Prey dynamics under generalist predator culling in stage structured modelsCosta, Michel Iskin da S.; Esteves, Pedro.V.; Faria, Lucas Del Bianco; Anjos, Lucas dos
2018Resource depletion and mechanisms for food web robustness in a Neotropical estuaryMonteiro, Angelo Barbosa; Contente, Riguel Feltrin; Faria, Lucas Del Bianco
Dec-2016Simple assumptions predicts prey selection by piscivorous fishesMonteiro, Angelo B.; Faria, Lucas Del Bianco
2019Taxonomic revision of the New World Genus Stenocorse Marsh (Hymenoptera: Braconidae: Doryctinae)Zaldívar-Riverón, Alejandro; Jasso-Martínez, Jovana M.; Delgado-Machuca, Natalia; Sarmiento, Carlos E.; González-Joya, Ancízar; Faria, Lucas Del Bianco
Dec-2014The influence of the trade-off between consumer-foraging and predation risk on tritrophic food chain dynamicsPaixão, Emanuelle Arantes; Costa, Michel Iskin da Silveira; Faria, Lucas Del Bianco