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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
19-Apr-2012An algorithm to coordinate missions in wireless sensor networksSá, Alex Guimarães Cardoso de; Heimfarth, Tales; Oliveira, Hewerton Enes de; Freitas, Edison Pignaton de
2021An asynchronous anycast cross-layer protocol for WSN suited to noisy environmentsHeimfarth, Tales; Giacomin, João Carlos; Schneider, Bruno de Oliveira
2020Assessing distributed collaborative recommendations in different opportunistic network scenariosBarbosa, Lucas Nunes; Gemmell, Jonathan F.; Horvath, Miller; Heimfarth, Tales
2013Cooperation among wirelessly connected static and mobile sensor nodes for surveillance applicationsFreitas, Edison Pignaton de; Heimfarth, Tales; Vinel, Alexey; Wagner, Flávio Rech; Pereira, Carlos Eduardo; Larsson, Tony
Jun-2010Enhanced pheromone-based mechanism to coordinate uavs and wsn nodes on the groundHeimfarth, Tales; Freitas, Edison Pignaton de; Farah Netto, Ivayr; Correia, Luiz H. A.; Pereira, Carlos Eduardo; Ferreira, Armando Morado; Wagner, Flávio Rech; Larsson, Tony
2017Enhancing time synchronization support in wireless sensor networksBruscato, Leandro Tavares; Heimfarth, Tales; Freitas, Edison Pignaton de
Aug-2013Exploring geographic context awareness for data dissemination on mobile ad hoc networksFreitas, Edison Pignaton de; Heimfarth, Tales; Wagner, Flavio Rech; Pereira, Carlos Eduardo; Larsson, Tony
Oct-2013Model and implementation of body movement recognition using Support Vector Machines and Finite State Machines with cartesian coordinates input for gesture-based interactionBettio, Raphael Winckler de; Silva, André H. C.; Heimfarth, Tales; Freire, André Pimenta; Sá, Alex G. C. de
Mar-2011Multi-agent support in a middleware for mission-driven heterogeneous sensor networksFreitas, Edison Pignaton de; Heimfarth, Tales; Pereira, Carlos Eduardo; Ferreira, Armando Morado; Wagner, Flávio Rech; Larsson, Tony
Jan-2020PAX-MAC: a low latency anycast protocol with advanced preambleHeimfarth, Tales; Giacomin, João Carlos; Freitas, Edison Pignaton de; Araujo, Gustavo Figueiredo; Araujo, João Paulo de
31-May-2022PROA: Pipelined Receiver Oriented Anycast MAC for IoTGiacomin, João Carlos; Heimfarth, Tales
2010Radio channel model of wireless sensor networks operating in 2.4 GHZ ISM bandGiacomin, João C.; Correia, Luiz H. A.; Heimfarth, Tales; Pereira, Geraldo M.; Silva, Vinicius F.; Santana, João L. P. de
Oct-2017Real-time detection system of electrical disturbances for remote communication stations and smart gridGallo, Wesley Natanael; Heimfarth, Tales; Ferreira, Danton Diego
2013The experience of using the scrum process in the production of learning objects for blended learningBettio, Raphael Winckler de; Pereira, Denilson Alves; Martins, Ronei Ximenes; Heimfarth, Tales