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Title: Impact of Plasma-Lyte pH 7.4 on acid-base status and hemodynamics in a model of controlled hemorrhagic shock
Keywords: Hemorrhagic shock
Isotonic solutions
Acid-base equilibrium
Swine as laboratory animals
Choque hemorrágico
Soluções isotônicas
Equilíbrio ácido-base
Suíno como animal de laboratório
Issue Date: 13-Jul-2011
Publisher: Universidade de São Paulo
Citation: NORITOMI, D. T. et al. Impact of Plasma-Lyte pH 7.4 on acid-base status and hemodynamics in a model of controlled hemorrhagic shock. Clinics, São Paulo, v. 66, n. 11, p. 1969-1974, 2011.
Abstract: OBJECTIVE: Intravenous infusion of crystalloid solutions is a cornerstone of the treatment of hemorrhagic shock. However, crystalloid solutions can have variable metabolic acid-base effects, perpetuating or even aggravating shock-induced metabolic acidosis. The aim of this study was to compare, in a controlled volume-driven porcine model of hemorrhagic shock, the effects of three different crystalloid solutions on the hemodynamics and acid-base balance. METHODS: Controlled hemorrhagic shock (40% of the total blood volume was removed) was induced in 18 animals, which were then treated with normal saline (0.9% NaCl), Lactated Ringer's Solution or Plasma-Lyte pH 7.4, in a blinded fashion (n = 6 for each group). Using a predefined protocol, the animals received three times the volume of blood removed. RESULTS: The three different crystalloid infusions were equally capable of reversing the hemorrhage-induced low cardiac output and anuria. The Lactated Ringer's Solution and Plasma-Lyte pH 7.4 infusions resulted in an increased standard base excess and a decreased serum chloride level, whereas treatment with normal saline resulted in a decreased standard base excess and an increased serum chloride level. The Plasma-Lyte pH 7.4 infusions did not change the level of the unmeasured anions. CONCLUSION: Although the three tested crystalloid solutions were equally able to attenuate the hemodynamic and tissue perfusion disturbances, only the normal saline induced hyperchloremia and metabolic acidosis.
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