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Title: Características produtivas do cafeeiro arábica irrigado por pivô central na região de Lavras/MG
Other Titles: Productive characteristics of arabic coffee irrigated by central pivot in the region of Lavras/MG
Keywords: Productivity coffee
Café - Produtividade
Coffee quality
Center pivot
Café - Qualidade
Pivô central
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: Irrigation management in coffee (Coffea sp.) has been studied by several researchers in order to set the crop coefficientvalue (Kc) to be used to estimate evapotranspiration of coffee plantations. The adoption of a single value for different times of the yearcan result in water deficit or wastage of water and inputs. This work aimed to evaluate the productive characteristics of the coffeecultivar “Rubi” (Coffea arabica L.) irrigated with a central pivot, subjected to different water levels. The experiment was conductedin an experimental area at the Universidade Federal de Lavras. The treatments consisted of levels of water applied according to thepercentages of pre-defined crop coefficient values (Kc) as follows: 60%, 80%, 100%, 120% and 140% of the Kc values equal to 1,10 (Jan-Mar), 0.90 (Apr-July), 1,30 (Aug-out), 1,15 (Nov-Dec), and a non-irrigated treatment (control). Irrigation of the coffeeplantation provided an annual productivity superior to non-irrigated plots for the 2007 and 2008 harvests. Treatment with waterlevels of 100% of Kc presented the highest productivity in both harvests. These results led to the recommendations for the southernregion of Minas Gerais, Kc values equal to 1.10 (Jan-Mar), 0.90 (Apr-July), 1.30 (Aug-out), 1.15 (Nov- ten). The quality of coffeebeans was influenced by irrigation.
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