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Title: Caracterização e quantificação de Benzoxazolinona (BOA) em extratos de plantas de milho (Zea mays L.)
Other Titles: Characterization and quantification of Benzoxazolinone (BOA) in maize plant extract (Zea mays L.)
Keywords: Benzoxazolinona
Zea mays L.
Issue Date: 2007
Publisher: Universidade Estadual de Maringá
Citation: ALVES, L. W. R. et al. Caracterização e quantificação de Benzoxazolinona (BOA) em extratos de plantas de milho (Zea mays L.). Acta Scientiarum. Agronomy, Maringá, v. 29, n. 3, p. 303-308, 2007.
Abstract: Due to the interference of maize on other plants, the presence and concentration of benzoxazolinone in this particular plant (maize) was determined via the aqueous extract of three varieties of maize (AG-1051, C-333 and C- 435). The fresh sample material was allowed to stand in distilled water for four hours. The extract was filtered and partitioned with solvents of varying polarities. The dried ether extract was filtered, concentrated on a rotary evaporator and dried in an oven. The residue was purified by thin layer chromatography and recrystallized from hexane. The crystals were analyzed by infrared spectroscopy. The bands present in the spectrum of the reference substance were also observed in the spectra of the samples obtained from the three varieties of maize studied. The extract samples were characterized and quantified by UV spectroscopy. The results indicated that the three varieties of maize possessed benzoxazolinone in their metabolism in the decreasing order AG-1051 29 mg g-1 > C-333 24 mg g-1 > C-435 21 mg g-1 of BOA.
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