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Title: Fitotoxicidade do chumbo na germinação e crescimento inicial de alface em função da anatomia radicular e ciclo celular
Other Titles: Lead phytotoxicity on germination and early growth of lettuce as a function of root anatomy and cell cycle
Keywords: Lettuce - Effect of silicon
Heavy metals - Measurement
Plants - Anatomy
Alface - Efeito do chumbo
Metais pesados - Medição
Plantas - Anatomia
Lactuca sativa
Issue Date: Jan-2013
Publisher: Universidade Federal de Roraima
Citation: PEREIRA, M. P. et al. Fitotoxicidade do chumbo na germinação e crescimento inicial de alface em função da anatomia radicular e ciclo celular. Agro@mbiente Online, Boa Vista, v. 7, n. 1, jan./abr. 2013.
Abstract: This work aimed to evaluate the phytotoxicity of five lead concentrations on germination, root anatomy and cell cycle of lettuce. Lettuce cypselae were placed in Petri dishes covered with filter paper and 2.5 mL of solution containing 0.0, 0.5, 1.0, 2.0 and 5.0 mM of Pb(NO3)2. Dishes were maintained in growth chamber B.O.D. type at 25ºC and photoperiod of 12 h, the following variables were evaluated: germination percentage, early growth, root anatomy, mitotic index and the rate of chromosomal abnormalities on root apical meristem. The seed germination and seedlings early growth were both reduced proportionally to the increase in lead concentrations. The root anatomy showed decreases in apoplastic barriers and modifications on the xylem related to the increase of hydraulic conductivity in the presence of lead. There were reductions in the mitotic index and na increase in chromosomal abnormalities under the different lead concentrations. Therefore, the lettuce root system were more affected by lead concentrations and the phytotoxicity symptoms are related to the reductions on mitotic index on root apical meristem and anatomical modifications related to higher lead translocation to plant shoots.
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