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Title: Modelagem e simulação da secagem de milho em secador intermitente de fluxos cruzados
Other Titles: Modeling and simulation of corn drying in an intermittent cross flow drier
Keywords: Modelagem
Secagem de grãos
Modelo de Thompson
Grain drier
Thompson model
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: Universidade Estadual de Goiás (UEG
Citation: VALENTE, D. S. M. et al. Modelagem e simulação da secagem de milho em secador intermitente de fluxos cruzados. Revista Agrotecnologia, Anápolis, v. 4, n. 1, p. 109 - 119, 2013.
Abstract: Grain drying is carried out to fit the moisture content at ideal levels for storage, processing and marketing. To reduce drying time and to guarantee high hourly processing flow, it is employed drying systems of high acquisition cost that consumes high quantities of calorific energy. For evaluation and optimization of drying systems have been used modeling and simulation techniques. However, to employ this technique it has been required user knowledge in programming or simulation languages, what has been a limitation factor. Thus to demonstrate the ease of use and precision of LINSEC, a computational applicative, it was modeled and simulated drying corn on an intermittent cross flow dryer with reversion of drying air flow. Simulated and experimental data obtained from literature were contrasted. According to statistical analysis the maximum and mean absolute deviation between simulated and experimental moisture content were 2.16 and 1.15% wb, respectively; and the maximum and average absolute errors were 2.30 and 1.21%, respectively. Thus, according to obtained results can be concluded that LINSEC showed satisfactory precision.
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