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Título: Sistema de Coleta e Análise de Variáveis Fisiológicas e Ambientais para Auxílio na Prática de Atividades Físicas
Título(s) alternativo(s): System of Collection and Analysis of Physiological and Environmental Variables for Aid in the Practice of Physical Activities
Autores: Pereira, Marluce Rodrigues
Silva, Bruno de Abreu
Pereira, Marluce Rodrigues
Silva, Bruno de Abreu
Furtado, Thiago Belloti
Durelli, Rafael Serapilha
Silva, Sandro Fernandes da
Palavras-chave: Treinamento esportivo. Sistema vestível. Internet das coisas.
Sports training. Wearable system. Internet of things.
Data do documento: 15-Mar-2018
Editor: Universidade Federal de Lavras
Resumo: Currently, we find in the market several technologies for collecting and analyzing data in physical activities. Some practical examples of these types of devices are watches with heart monitors and smart watches. These devices aid in the diagnosis and performance analysis of physical activity practitioners by collecting, during the execution of such activities, physiological information and environment that enable a trained physical evaluate to monitor and assist in improving the performance of activities, as well as providing safety during the execution of activities avoiding that excesses are committed. A drawback in the use of such technologies is the cost of these devices and the measures taken. In many cases such technologies can not be applied to the aid of physical activity practitioners due to the lack of funds for the acquisition of these technologies, thus preventing a portion of the population from enjoying the advantages that such resources can provide. In addition to this factor, in many cases, the measures collected are carried out in isolation, which prevents the holistic view of the activity performed. Based on the presented context, in this work a system based on open source platforms and open hardware was developed for the collection, analysis and treatment of data collected during the practice of physical activities. This system is responsible for collecting data on physiological variables (heart rate, temperature, etc.) and environmental variables (ambient temperature, air quality, etc.), as well as to treat these data and provide them in a user friendly way and , then store them securely for future reference or further analysis. The system is also responsible for assisting the development of a holistic view, relating the data regarding the physiological systems and the environmental system in which the individual will be related, providing fundamental information for the improvement of the physical activity based on the empirical analysis of the data collected, in addition to providing greater safety for any practitioner of physical activity.
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