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dc.creatorFernandes, Regiane Victória de Barros-
dc.creatorGuimarães, Isabela Costa-
dc.creatorFerreira, Christiane Lara Rodrigues-
dc.creatorBotrel, Diego Alvarenga-
dc.creatorBorges, Soraia Vilela-
dc.creatorSouza, Amanda Umbelina de-
dc.identifier.citationFERNANDES, R. V. de B. et al. Microencapsulated rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) essential oil as a biopreservative in Minas frescal cheese. Journal of Food Processing and Preservation, [S. l.], v. 42, n. 7, p. 1-9, Feb. 2017.pt_BR
dc.description.abstractThe objective of this study was to evaluate the effect of rosemary essential oil encapsulation using whey protein isolate (WPI) and inulin as encapsulation matrix on the shelf‐life extension of Minas frescal cheese. Essential oil in bulk and microencapsulated forms were added to cheese at concentrations of 0.5% and compared with control treatment (cheese without rosemary essential oil). The aerobic mesophilic microorganism counting cheese with added microencapsulated rosemary essential oil was lesser than that in cheese subjected to other treatments, thus implying that microencapsulated oil has antimicrobial effects. Microencapsulated rosemary essential oil enabled a microbial reduction of 1.36 log cycles after 3 days of storage and 0.73 log cycles after 15 days of storage compared to the control treatment. The microencapsulation process did not alter the chemical composition of the rosemary essential oil and was effective in controlling the acidity of the cheese. Therefore, rosemary essential oil can be used as a potential biopreservative in cheese.pt_BR
dc.sourceJournal of Food Processing and Preservationpt_BR
dc.subjectRosemary essential oilpt_BR
dc.subjectWhey protein isolatept_BR
dc.subjectÓleo essencial de alecrimpt_BR
dc.subjectIsolado protéico de soropt_BR
dc.titleMicroencapsulated rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) essential oil as a biopreservative in Minas frescal cheesept_BR
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