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Title: Estratégias argumentativas em anúncios publicitários
Keywords: Gênero textual
Anúncio publicitário
Textual genre
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Centro Universitário de Patos de Minas
Citation: SILVA, J. A. P. da; FERREIRA, H. M. Estratégias argumentativas em anúncios publicitários. Revista Crátilo, Patos de Minas, v. 9, n. 2, p. 97-109, dez. 2016.
Abstract: Technological advances that occurred in the contemporaneity have stimulated the processes of interaction and brought substantial changes regarding the structure and operation of the texts. These changes led to new demands of reading which have been constituted as the texts have been modified and new concepts such as literacies and multimodality emerged. The organization of texts is configured through different multi-modal features, including, verbal language. In this sense, the objective of this research is to present the results of an analysis of argumentative strategies present in advertisements on verbal dimension. The theoretical framework includes authors such as Almeida (2001), Marcuschi (2002), Elias (2006), Dionísio (2005), Koch (2008; 2011), Lara (2010), Machado (2006), Carvalho (1996), among other. At first, a theoretical research was conducted with the following topics: advertising, genre and argumentative strategies. Then, four advertisings were selected for analysis. The analysis revealed many argumentative strategies such as repetition, lexical selection, and use of argumentative operators, among others.
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