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Title: Quality of soybean seeds treated with fungicides and insecticides before and after storage
Other Titles: Qualidade de sementes de soja tratadas com inseticidas e fungicidas antes e após o armazenamento
Keywords: Glycine max L.
Seed treatment
Soybean - Storage
Soybean - Fungicides
Soybean - Insecticides
Tratamento de sementes
Soja - Armazenamento
Soja - Fungicidas
Soja - Inseticidas
Issue Date: Oct-2016
Publisher: Associação Brasileira de Tecnologia de Sementes
Citation: FERREIRA, T. F. et al. Quality of soybean seeds treated with fungicides and insecticides before and after storage. Journal of Seed Science, Londrina, v. 38, n. 4, p. 278-286, Oct./Dec. 2016.
Abstract: The timing of seed treatment application is important to keep soybean seeds quality. Therefore, the aim of this study was verify the effect of fungicides and insecticides treatment in soybean seeds quality before and after storage. Seeds of NS 7494, NS 8693 and NS 7338 IPRO were utilized and analyses separately, through a factorial scheme 3x6, with three application moments: treated and assessed; treated, stored and assessed; stored, treated and assessed; and six combination of fungicides and insecticides: Cropstar(r) + Derosal Plus(r); Cropstar(r) + Maxim xl(r); Cruiser(r) + Derosal Plus(r); Cruiser(r)+ Maxim xl(r); Standak Top(r) and the control group. Germination, seedling emergence, accelerate aging, cold and health tests were performed. It was determined that the combination with Cruiser(r) doesn't affect the physiological quality of soybean seeds treated and assessed, and treated after two month of storage. Cropstar(r) + Derosal plus(r) keeps physiological quality of soybean seeds stored and treated for two months, while Standak top(r) has negative effect. The combination with Cropstar(r) damages the physiological quality of soybean seeds treat after two months of storage. The fungicide Derosal plus(r) improves the health quality of soybean seeds regardless treatment moment.
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