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Título: General extension information on tomato disease
Palavras-chave: Tomato disease
Ralstonia solanacearum
Bacterial wilt
Socio-environmental technologies
Data do documento: 2018
Citação: TAVARES, G. General extension information on tomato disease. [Lavras]: [s.n.], 2018.
Descrição: It is known that bacterium Ralstonia solanacearum is the cause of bacterial wilt in tomato, therefore due the ease of contracting the disease, growing tomatoes is one of the most complex activities in horticulture. Although a wide range of agrochemicals and pesticides are available to farmers, they are not sufficient to eradicate this disease or even prevent them, resulting into terrible chemical contamination by pesticides, for the product, people and the environment. No single measure is sufficient to avoid crop losses when environmental conditions are favorable to the disease and finding areas with low Ralstonia infestation in the soil and the combination of different techniques is essential to reduce the effect of the disease. Composting and Biofertilizers can help since it was established that the contribution of organic matter in the soil is able to reduce the negative effect of the bacterium through the increase of the microorganisms present in the soil that compete with the bacterium, making its reproduction difficult.
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