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Title: Produção de biogás proveniente de camas sobrepostas de suínos
Other Titles: Production of biogas originated from swine superimposed beds
Keywords: Biodigestores
Biodigestão anaeróbia
Carga orgânica
Instalações para suínos
Issue Date: Jul-2017
Publisher: Universidade de São Paulo
Citation: SOUSA, F. A. et al. Produção de biogás proveniente de camas sobrepostas de suínos. Energia na Agricultura, Botucatu, v. 32, n. 3, p. 229-236, jul./set. 2017.
Abstract: The objective of this study was to evaluate the efficiency of the anaerobic bio-digestion process and the production of biogas derived from superimposed beds of finishing swine, in tabletop biodigestors. Twelve continuous laboratory bio-digestor prototypes, assembled in plastic and PVC recipients, were used. The treatments constituted of two superimposed bed materials as substrate, diluted in water: Treatment S+B – wood shavings + sugarcane bagasse bed; and treatment SHA – wood shavings bed. For each treatment, the pollutant potential of the effluent was evaluated, by means of physical-chemical parameters (pH, DBOt , DQOt and ST). The production of biogas was quantified in order to verify the energetic potential of the beds. The SHA treatment presented higher ST reduction values. The S+B bed efficiency of DQOt removal was 66.04%, while the SHA bed was of 30.80%. The production of biogas originated from the superimposed bed constituted of sugarcane bagasse + wood shavings was significantly superior to the superimposed bed constituted of wood shavings. With this study, it was possible to conclude that the use of bio-digesters is interesting to promote the post-treatment (or complementary treatment) of the effluent, resulting on bioenergy generation, contributing to the system sustainability. Superimposed pig beds submitted to anaerobic biodigestion had significant reductions in ST, SVT and DQOt contents. The production of biogas from the overlapped bed composed of wood shavings + sugarcane bagasse was significantly superior to the superposed bed composed of wood shavings
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