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Title: Caracteristicas antropometricas y potencia de miembros inferiores en jugadores universitarios de rugby-7
Other Titles: Anthropometric characteristics and low member power in university players of rugby-7
Keywords: Rugby
Potencia de miembros inferiores
Variables antropométricas
Power of lower limbs
Anthropometric variables
College students
Poder dos membros inferiores
Variáveis antropométricas
Issue Date: 2018
Citation: MARTINS, M. S. de A. et al. Caracteristicas antropometricas y potencia de miembros inferiores en jugadores universitarios de rugby-7. MHSalud, [S.l.], v. 15, n. 2, p. 55-64, 2018.
Abstract: e objective of this study was to compare the anthropometric and lower limb power (PMI) variables in a sample of rugby-7 players holding different positions. Twenty-two rugby-7 college players participated; according to the positions occupied on the playing field, they were classified in back and forward. e protocol of seven skin folds of Jackson & Pollock was used to evaluate the percentage of fat; and for the PMI tests vertical jump (CMJ), horizontal jump and triple jump. e T-test for paired sampleswas adopted, being p < 0.05, to compare the study variables. e results indicated a significant difference between the total mass (p < 0,01), the fat-free mass (p < 0,05), the fat mass (p < 0,01), and the CMJ (p < 0,005) between the groups. It is observed that the anthropometric demands for the forwards are different from the backs, due to the characteristic of the game position, which requires a different physical and morphological configuration.
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