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Title: Protective effect of β-D-glucan and glutamine on the genomic instability induced by Cytarabine/Ara-C in BALB/c mice
Keywords: Antigenotoxic potential
Mitotic index
Comet assay
β-D-glucan supplementation
Glutamine supplementation
Functional carbohydrates
Issue Date: Oct-2018
Publisher: Elsevier
Citation: SILVA, P. M. de S. et al. Protective effect of β-D-glucan and glutamine on the genomic instability induced by Cytarabine/Ara-C in BALB/c mice. International Journal of Biological Macromolecules, [S.l.], v. 117, p. 559-564, Oct. 2018.
Abstract: Prophylactic antibiotics and growth promoters have been substituted, mainly for livestock, by immunomodulators and intestinal health promoters - such as β-D-glucans and glutamine. The aim of this study was to verify the beneficial effects of β-D-glucans and glutamine against Cytarabine/Ara-C, evaluating the DNA damage in leukocytes, the leukogram, and the mitotic index of intestinal crypts cells. Balb/C mice received treatment with β-D-glucan (80 mg/Kg), glutamine (150 mg/Kg), or both, for 21 days. On the last two days of this period, Ara-C was administered (1.8 mg/animal) by intraperitoneal injection every 12 h. The animals submitted to the treatment with Ara-C presented the highest genotoxic index, a significant leukopenia, and a decrease in the mitotic index of the intestinal crypts cells. Treatment with β-D-glucan protected the leukocytes against DNA fragmentation induced by Ara-C. Glutamine alone promoted maintenance of the mitotic index and, in association with β-Dglucan, reduced leukopenia. Thus, the use of β-D-glucan and glutamine proved to be beneficial to intestinal tropism. This can happen once the damage to the genetic material, prevented by the treatments with β-D-glucan and glutamine, can result in genotoxicity. Not only this, but it might be capable of turning into a mutagenesis, with consequential physiopathological alterations.
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