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Title: Black entrepreneurship and ethnic beauty salons: possibilities forresistance in the social (re)construction of black identity
Other Titles: Empreendedorismo negro e salões étnicos: possibilidades de resistências na (re)construção social da identidade negra
Keywords: Coloniality
Black identity
Beauty salons
Ethnic entrepreneurship
Identidade negra
Salões de beleza
Salões étnicos
Issue Date: Dec-2018
Publisher: Universidade Federal da Bahia (UFBA), Escola de Administração
Citation: REZENDE, A. F.; MAFRA, F. L. N.; PEREIRA, J. J. Black entrepreneurship and ethnic beauty salons: possibilities forresistance in the social (re)construction of black identity. Organizações & Sociedade, Salvador, v. 25, n. 87, p. 589-609, out./dez. 2018. DOI: 10.1590/1984-9250873.
Abstract: This paper addresses the case of five lack entrepreneurs who own businesses a public that for years has denied a esthetic and phenotypic traits. These spaces, branded as ‘ethnic salons’, aim to take care of the curly and / or Afrohair of Black men and women.In the face of this context, we ask: how canBlack entrepreneurs and enterprisesconfront colonialmentality in social relations, by creating businesses aimed at giving value to, and appreciatingthe identity of Black men and women? The field research was conducted via observations and interviews,collecting narratives from both. The narratives went through a process of synthesis and analysisprocesses that allowed us to flag the motivesbehind these enterprises, as well as the racial/ethnic acceptance present in these spaces. Thus, the main contribution of this paper is to discuss ‘hairtype’ as a constitutive element of Black racial identity, and the opportunity for more autonomywhen entering the labor market.
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