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Title: Manejo da irrigação na incidência da broca-do-café
Other Titles: Irrigation management in incidency coffee berry borer
Keywords: Hypothenemus hampei
Drip irrigation
Irrigação por gotejamento
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: Fundação de Estudos Agrários Luiz de Queiroz
Citation: FRANÇOSO, J. et al. Manejo da irrigação na incidência da broca-do-café. Revista de Agricultura, Piracicaba, v. 87, n. 2, p. 93-101, 2012.
Abstract: The objective of this work was to evaluate the incidence of coffee berry borer in irrigated farming and drip with a pivot on different managements. Two experiments were conducted in two coffee plantations of Coffea arabica, irrigated by the method of center pivot sprinkler or by localized drip. The experimental design was randomized blocks with three replications in the fields irrigated by sprinkler and four replications in fields with drip irrigation. The treatments consisted of different irrigation managements, at the crop being irrigated by center pivot consisted of six levels of water level (%Kc) and for drip irrigated farming managements consisted of ones, based on the different months of the year and water consumption by plants. The insects were evaluate by sampling 64 coffee fruits (berries) from each plot, three times in the season 2009/2010. We found significant influences of the treatments in the fields irrigated by center pivot in evaluations of early November 2009 and early March 2010. There was 27.00% infestation of the coffee berry borer in the water level 60% of crop coefficient (Kc) for the beginning of November 2009. In the assessment for the beginning of March 2010, it was observed higher incidence of the drill in non-irrigated treatments (11.98%) and 60% of the water level Kc (12.50%). There was no significant difference between treatments in the fields irrigated by drip, on the borer infestation in the three sampled times. There was a higher incidence of the coffee berry borer in irrigated farming by the method of center pivot sprinkler.
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