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Title: Severidade e padrão da cárie dentária em crianças de 3 a 12 anos atendidas em um centro universitário: estudo retrospectivo
Other Titles: Severity and standard of dental caries in 3 to 12 year-old children from an university hospital:retrospective study
Keywords: Assistência odontológica
Cárie dentária
Saúde bucal
Dental assistance
Dental caries
Oral Health
Issue Date: 2009
Publisher: Centro Universitário Ingá
Citation: PEREIRA, S. M. et al. Severidade e padrão da cárie dentária em crianças de 3 a 12 anos atendidas em um centro universitário: estudo retrospectivo. Revista UNINGÁ, Maringá, n. 21, jul./set. 2009.
Abstract: This study aimed to evaluate the severity, the pattern and development of thick biofilms and dental caries in children from 3 to 12 years attended the clinic of pediatric dentistry in Unilavras, using datafrom clinical records, using a cohort study retrospective. The sample comprised 85 children from 3 to 12 years. The charts of these individualswere assessed by two moments: baseline (initial examination) and 12months (second test). The mean dmft index, DMFT of visible plaque, careand significant caries index (SiC) were used, in addition, variables werecollected for the activity of caries (white spot). It was observed areduction of 28.26%, 32.36%, 5.27% and 4.76% for white spot lesions ofactive, thick biofilm, mean dmft and DMFT, respectively. There was also a reduction of 65.69% in the number of teeth and an increase in the rate ofcare. The SiC index was high for the sample studied. There was astatistically significant difference between the presence of thick biofilm inbaseline and 12 months (p <0.0001). It follows that individuals in thesample have high caries-free, demonstrating high levels of sickness and need for treatment during the first examination (baseline), and can see thatafter 12 (twelve) months of actionsof care and health care there was animprovement of their oral health.
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