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Title: Qualidade de vida de estudantes de graduação em Educação Física: comparação entre períodos do curso
Other Titles: Calidad de vida de los estudiantes de graduación del curso de Educación Física: comparación entre períodos del curso
Quality of life of physical education undergraduate students: a comparison between periods of the course
Keywords: Estudantes universitários - Qualidade de vida
Academics - Quality of life
Issue Date: Nov-2013
Citation: MENEGUCI, J.; VALIM-ROGATO, P. C.; ROGATTO, G. P. Qualidade de vida de estudantes de graduação em Educação Física: comparação entre períodos do curso., Revista Digital, Buenos Aires, año 18, n. 186, nov. 2013. Não paginado.
Abstract: The aim of this study was to determine quality of life profile from physical education students. The sample was composed by 253 students. The volunteers answered the WHOQOL-bref, composed of 26 questions involving four domains of quality of life: "physical", "psychological", "social relations" and "environment". Statistical analysis was made by analysis of variance (ANOVA) and Bonferroni post hoc test (p <0.05). Comparing the sum of all areas and each area separately, no differences were found between the periods. Considering the four domains of quality of life provided for the WHOQOL-bref, it was observed that the aspect of "environment" that conglomerates factors related to physical security and protection, home environment, financial resources and health care were the most affected in all periods of the course. As in many studies, the results show that the aspects related to the environment in which academics are inserted deserve more attention, as they represent an improvement in the quality of life of this population.
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