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metadata.artigo.dc.title: NaOH Treatment Impact in the Dimensional Stability of Banana Pseudostem Particleboard Panels
metadata.artigo.dc.creator: Guimarães, Bárbara Maria Ribeiro
Bufalino, Lina
Guimarães Júnior, José Benedito
Mendes, Rafael Farinassi
Mendes, Lourival Marin
Tonoli, Gustavo Henrique Denzin
metadata.artigo.dc.subject: Banana pseudostem
NaOH treatment
Hidróxido de sódio
metadata.artigo.dc.publisher: Trans Tech Publications Ltd. 2014
metadata.artigo.dc.identifier.citation: GUIMARÃES, B. M. R. et al. NaOH treatment impact in the dimensional stability of banana pseudostem particleboard panels. Key Engineering Materials, Kapellweg, v. 600, p. 447-451, 2014.
metadata.artigo.dc.description.abstract: This work intends to verify the technical feasibility of NaOH treatment in particleboard manufacture made from banana pseudostem fibers. The particles were treated for a 24 hour period and subsequently washed with water to remove the product. The concentration used was NaOH at 0.5%. The adhesive used was urea - formaldehyde at 12%, the pressing cycle was 4 MPa, at 160 °C for 8 minutes. The water absorption after 2 hours immersion was 148.79% and 189.83% after 24 hours. Thickness swelling value after 2 hours was 54.96% and 74.05% after 24 hours. The results were above the literature values and the minimum values required by the CS 236-66 standard for swelling after 24 hours immersion.
metadata.artigo.dc.language: en
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