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Title: Metabolismo do glicerol em aves: revisão bibliográfica
Other Titles: Glycerol metabolism in poultry
Keywords: Biodiesel
Rotas metabólicas
Broiler chicken
Metabolic pathways
Issue Date: Oct-2013
Publisher: Nutritime Ltda
Citation: BERNARDINO, V. M. P. et al. Metabolismo do glicerol em aves: revisão bibliográfica. Revista Eletrônica Nutritime, [S.l.], v. 10, n. 5, p. 2752-2780, set./out. 2013.
Abstract: Currently, environmental concerns and growth in biodiesel production has fueled the increasing number of studies related to the inclusion of crude glycerin in animal nutrition. This is because glycerin is a co-product of biodiesel. Because there is no legislation regulating the disposal of glycerin from biodiesel production can cause serious environmental problems if the glycerin is not fully exploited. There is then the need to encourage the development of new technologies that use glycerin, avoiding its disposal in the environment. Therefore, the crude glycerin has been studied in animal nutrition. Besides giving the destination of excess co-product, its use in poultry feed can contribute to reduction of production costs, since by increasing the mandatory inclusion of biodiesel to diesel oil increase the supply of the crude glycerin market, encouraging the reduction of prices of alternative food. The glycerin in the composition contains glycerol, which has a high energy, with potential for use in animal feed as an energy source. Given the above, this research aimed to describe the metabolism of glycerol in poultry.
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