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Título: Structural and compositional shifts in Cerrado fragments in up to 11 years monitoring
Palavras-chave: Tree community dynamics
Cerrado fragments
Dinâmica da comunidade de árvores
Fragmentos de cerrado
Data do documento: 2020
Editor: Universidade Estadual de Londrina
Citação: CORDEIRO, N. G. et al. Structural and compositional shifts in Cerrado fragments in up to 11 years monitoring. Acta Scientiarum. Biological Sciences, Amringá, v. 42, 2020. DOI:
Resumo: The Cerrado has a wide diversity of fauna and flora, and the knowledge of its horizontal structure, in different time intervals allows the prediction of its structural and floristic characteristics. The aim of this study was to evaluate the changes in structure and composition of tree community in three fragments of Cerrado with low anthropization, in an interval of 11 years at Minas Gerais state. Rectangular plots of fixed size were sampled, measuring stem diameter and height of all living arboreal individuals with diameter at 1.30 meters above ground (DBH) ≥ 5 cm. The tree vegetation dynamics study of the areas was performed, as well as the floristic analysis and the diametric structure. Considering all fragments and years of measurement, the recruitment of trees surpassed its mortality. The basal area varied between 3.67 and 13.07 m².ha-1. The studied areas, considering all fragments and years of measurement, showed a Shannon diversity index (H') from 3.43 to 3.87 nat.ind-1 and Pielou equitability index (J') ranged an interval between 0.77 and 0.82. The similarity calculated by the Jaccard index (J), when performed per plot considering the three fragments, showed a value of 0.2653. Also, related to the development and growth of the study areas, it can be inferred that all fragments and their respective years of measurement had a J-inverse pattern. In conclusion, it can be inferred that the three fragments maintained a representative growth in number of individuals and basal area.
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