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Title: Crescimento e nutrição mineral de mudas de óleo-bálsamo sob o efeito da omissão de nutrientes
Other Titles: Growth and mineral nutrition of oil-balm seedlings under nutriente deprivation
Keywords: Nutriente faltante
Nutrição florestal
Missing nutrient
Forest nutrition
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: Centro Científico Conhecer
Citation: CARLOS, L. et al. Crescimento e nutrição mineral de mudas de óleo-bálsamo sob o efeito da omissão de nutrientes. Enciclopédia Biosfera, Goiânia, v. 9, n. 17, p. 894-904, 2013.
Abstract: With objective of evaluating the nutritional requirements and the effects of nutrient deprivation in developing of oil-balm seedlings, an experiment was conducted in a green house. Were employed 12 treatments in a fully randomized block design with eight replications, with the following treatments: Complete 1 (C1-fertilized with N, P, K, S, B, Cu, Fe, Zn and lime), complete 2 (C2-fertilized with N, P, K, S, Ca, Mg , B, Cu, Fe, Zn, without lime), omitting treatments complete when each of the relevant nutrients, Complete 1 (-N, -K, -S, - P, -B,-Zn, -lime), complete 2 (- Ca, - Mg), and control. Diameters and heights were measured and separated into shoot and root system. The samples were dried, weighed and were determined the levels of nutrients in shoot dry matter, root dry matter and total dry matter. Despite the slow growth Oil Balm is a species that requires nutrentes. The nutrients sequence that most affected oil balm growth was: P> Ca> Mg> S> B> Zn> N> K.
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