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Title: Comparação entre valores obtidos a partir do teste de uma repetição máxima para os exercícios supino reto, inclinado e declinado
Other Titles: Comparison between loads obtained from the test of a maximum repetition, in the exercises horizontal bench press, inclined bench press and declined bench press
Comparación entre los valores obtenidos en el test de una repetición máxima para los ejercicios press de banca recto, inclinado y declinado
Keywords: Exercício supino
Recrutamento muscular seletivo
Análise biomecânica
Bench press exercise
Muscle recruitment selective
Biomechanical analysis
Ejercicio press de banca
Reclutamiento muscular selectivo
Análisis biomecánica
Teste de uma repetição máxima (1RM)
One-repetition maximum test
Issue Date: May-2010
Citation: FURTADO, E. T. F. et al. Comparação entre valores obtidos a partir do teste de uma repetição máxima para os exercícios supino reto, inclinado e declinado. Lecturas Educación Física y Deportes, Buenos Aires, v. 15, n. 144, mai. 2010.
Abstract: The aim of study was compare the values achieved in a test of a 1RM in the exercises of horizontal bench press (HPB), inclined bench press (IPB) and declined bench press (DPB). They were selected 11 individuals of sex male (23.7 ± 3.2 years; 75.1 ± 12.6 kg; 173.7 cm; 9.8 ± 3.6% G), expert in exercises resisted training (2.8 ± 1.5 years; 3.2 ± 0.2 days of the week; 70 ± 8.9 minutes by session). The subjects were submitted of the tests 1 RM, concerning the rest of 24 hours among the sessions, having as reference the first session there was an interval of 48 hours. At the beginning prior to the data collection, the each volunteer I execute 15 repetitions of with a load from 50% of the 1 RM, this was the muscular warming-up, followed by 3 minutes of rest, so that tests began. Each subject had in the maximum three attempts for the identification of maximum load, the addition of load, among the attempts, was according to the strength perception to the subjects; the rest among the attempts was five minutes. In the first day was done of test horizontal bench press (HPB), in the second inclined bench (IPB) and in the third day declined bench press declined (DPB). Like this, after data collection, found itself the following results in the loads (kg) achieved by the subjects (93,4 ± 27,6 HPB; 80,1 ± 19,0 IPB; 100,3 ± 25,6 DPB). We conclude exist that differences statistical significant in the results between the exercises of HPB x IPB; HPB x DPB; IPB x DPB. In the sample studied, the bench press declined was the exercise in that the subjects presented bigger indices of loads, followed by bench press and bench press inclined. We think that differences would be associated to activity of the pectoralis major in the lower portion, as clear the studies electromyographical found in the literature.
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