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Title: Interferencia de un programa de entrenamiento cruzado en la potencia anaerobica pico en jovenes saludables
Keywords: Entrenamiento cruzado
Interferencia negativa
Potencia anaeróbica pico
Crossed training
Negative interference
Anaerobic power
Issue Date: Dec-2010
Publisher: Universidad Santo Tomás (USTA)
Citation: SILVA, S. F. da; PAZ, J. A. de. Interferencia de un programa de entrenamiento cruzado en la potencia anaerobica pico en jovenes saludables. Revista Palestra, Bucaramanga, v. 7, p. 17-25, dic. 2010.
Abstract: The training crossed strength and aerobic training they can interfere in the parameters of so much performance in an as in another specific capacity. Being an evident conflict that the development of the components of the training of strength and endurance, when applied simultaneously they go to complicate the development of some of these parameters. Our study proposes to investigate the variations that occur in the peak anaerobic power being 6 weeks of aerobic training and 6 force training weeks. They participated of the study 33 youths an average age of 22.57 ± 3 years. The volunteers of the study were divided into 3 groups, being 11 in each one of the groups, these they were called Group Control (GC), Group Aerobic Strength (G1) and Strength-Aerobic Group (G2). The G1 present increases between in the moments but not significant, already the G2 present an increase significant in the anaerobic power between the moments 1-2 and 1-3, but, among the moments 2-3 no increment present. We identify still an interference of the aerobic training on that of strength, and also upside down, elucidating that the training crossed can interfere in the parameter of performance studied.
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